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Router 1 - Cn pilot

The R190V router is a complete cloud-managed access point with the capacity to support high-speed internet throughput of up to 500mbps, the router can be remotely configured, monitored, and upgraded, and offers in-home client insights that make troubleshooting a breeze – all reducing the need for our NetK technicians to enter your private workspaces and your homes.



Router  2 - Cn Pilot R195

The r195 series provides robust Wi-Fi performance to match and exceed the expectations of the modern family anywhere on the globe. As social media, streaming media, work-from-home and school-from-home increase, the need for high-performance Wi-Fi is here today. Don’t be trapped by old 802.11n technology.


R 1079.75


Router 3 - Cn Pilot R201

Cambium Networks cnPilot R201 provides an all-in-one connectivity solution. The cnPilot R201 Gateway provides a single connection point for Wi-Fi, telephone, and PoE to connect Subscriber Modules (SM). Fully compatible with PMP 450 and ePMP networks, cnPilot R201 makes it easy to provide more services and grow revenue.